iOS Android Development: Our process - Step 1

Your project

You have an iOS, Android or web project and need a team to work on it.
iOS Android Development: Our process - Step 2

Your project, optimized

We’ll briefly analyse, simplify and optimize it to make it real as soon as possible.
iOS Android Development: Our process - Step 3

The perfect provider

We’ll find and introduce you to the perfect provider to develop your project.

Our process

You know what you want. We know what you need.


We’re an app development team from Barcelona helping companies find the perfect provider to develop their digital products. iOS, Android and web apps, whatever your project needs.


Our workflow is simple: tell us what you want to do and we’ll find the perfect provider to do it. In the meantime we can give you some –or pretty much– feedback.

We’re designers and developers, and having years of experience on it allows us to give you the best advice before you start spending money.


This process has no cost for you. We only charge our partners if  you choose them for your project. More questions? Drop us a line or check our FAQ.

Case studies

These are some featured projects made or managed by Lafosca crew. Check out their story.


How an iOS and Android MVP turned into the best app of MWC 2015


An iOS and Android app to follow the Forex markets real-time


A cross-platform project for an open source Smart City platform


An iOS and Android app for a top fashon blogger from Spain
Case Study - WLE

WLE, We Love Eating

A cross-platform game for the European Comission to teach kids how to eat healthy
Case Study - Mood

Mood Keyboard

An iOS app that was featured at the US Appstore


This service is free. We’ll have a meeting with you and talk about your project, give you some feedback and choose a development team for you, for free.


If you need further advice you can book our advcanced advice service detailed below.

Advanced Advice Service

Lafosca Advanced Advice Service is an intensive programme with one single goal: to help you define your project idea. We’ll introduce you to the lean methodology to better manage your project. We’ll also help you defining your minimum viable product to test it ASAP with real users. We’ll do a brief research about your possible competitors and make a technical assessment to better choose your development provider.


It takes 1-2 weeks and it can be remote if you want to.

  • Advanced Advice Service

    • Lean Methodology inception
    • MVP, Minimum Viable Product definition from your idea
    • Initial product benchmarkt
    • Technology assessment
    •  € 1.190 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to make an app?

Good point. A minimum viable version should be arround 6-8 work weeks and € 10,000. But that always depends: it can be less, it can be more.

Why should I work with you?

You know what you want and we know what you need. +5 years of experience allow us to tell you how to do it and find the perfect provider for you.

Who are your partners?

They’re a limited group of solid and curated companies we’ve personally evaluated to become your provider.

Is this a freelance finder?

No. We’ll only connect you with solid and available teams to create your project.

Can we talk under a NDA?

Yes, sure. We can use our own NDA, or use your own if terms and conditions are reciprocal.

Can we have a coffee?

Let’s do it. Come and have a coffe at our office’s terrace