LFSCoreData: Core Data Management and Mapping Library

LFSCoreData is an iOS and MacOSX open-source library to help you to start using Core Data Framework.

This library will help you on managing your application database, saving in background and perform the entity mapping from an API easily.

Adding this to your project would help managing your entities imports, deleting and mantaining. Unlike other libraries, LFSCoreData focuses only on Core Data management and doesn’t perform any networking operation. We usually use AFNetworking to complement the networking part of the application.

LFSCoreData is one of the first libraries that we add to our own projects, because let us have persistence of the data out of the box. Applications like FXStreet, Camaloon, Fansino and much others use this library.

LFSCoreData: Core Data Added Features

– Easy setup and clean AppDelegate

– Easily import API data from JSON data

– Custom field naming

– Save in main context without affecting UI

– Save in background in a NSOperationQueue


Check it out at Lafosca Github


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