Lafosca is an app development team from Barcelona. We help worldwide companies to build digital products connecting them with the best talent.

Founding team

Lafosca started back in 2012 with founders coming from various industries such as media, digital R&D and advertisement. Since then we’ve worked with awesome companies from all over the world in interesting projects, and pushed them forward.

We are developers. We do code, design and manage digital projects. And we know brilliant teams doing it too. That’s why we’re helping companies to know what they need finding the perfect provider for their digital projects.

Adrià Cruz: Business & Project Management
Adrià Cruz
Business & Project Management
Arol Viñolas: Software Engineer & Fullstack Developer
Arol Viñolas
Software Engineer &
Fullstack Developer
David Cortés: Software Engineer & Mobile Developer
David Cortés
Software Engineer &
Mobile Developer
Eloi Alcaide: Design & Project Management
Eloi Alcaide
Design & Project Management

We are a young team that manages digital projects we are proud of, taking and pushing them it to their limit. This is how we won the latest MPA ’15 award. We dedicate our time to find the best solutions for each of client, and deliver high quality standards.

To achieve this quality, we know there’s no other way than to be completely up to date and use the latest technologies available. That’s why we spend lots of time learning, playing with news things and meeting new people. Thanks to that we can speed up processes and improve our solutions.

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