Dulceida: Fashion PUSH


Dulceida is one of the Spain most famous fashion bloggers. Her taste and savoir-faire let her work for worldwide brands and collect thousands of new fans every week. All this and being as young as our team made us sending her an email: –Hey, Dulceida, we’d like to tell you something.


Dulceida - Featured


Our idea was simple: if the crowds don’t get an app, let’s put an app into the crowds. We wanted to create a product that brought the shiny blogger scene near their audience, so we developed an app that automatically notifies Dulceida’s followers when she publishes new content, and gives access to exclusive news only available through the app.


Dulceida comp


And it worked. Actually OYSHO –an Inditex company– liked the idea, so they decided to sponsor Dulceida app launch and its first two months of life. Since then the app audience has grown and became extremely loyal due to PUSH notifications usage. Dulceida for iOS and Android has nearly 20K active users, and almost 30% opens the app everyday.




  • Opens the app everyday

  • Opens the app every 2 days

  • Opens the app every 3 days

  • Opens the app every 4 days

  • Other



Download Dulceida from the Appstore or from Google Play. You should also take a look on Dulceida’s blog here.


This is a project by Lafosca and Dulceida. If you have any idea on mind and want to talk about it, or simply need an advice on how to build your product, don’t hesitate reaching us.