Best App of Mobile Premier Awards 2015


Getting back in the office from a nice Beach Volley match, we saw Fansino’s email in our Inbox. Obviously, we replied without having any idea about what the app was about. Little did we know about how big this would become. Bringing Artists and Fans together, nice goal to work towards.

In no time we started designing the Android app and planning the development of the iOS one.
It was a nice journey, meeting the team behind Fansino was a great experience. They even travelled all the way from LA to Barcelona on the lasts weeks of development to be here with the team and communicate real time.

3 months later, Fansino won the Best App Award on the Mobile Premier Awards (MPA) 2015. Conceived, produced and directed by a United States company, designed and developed in Barcelona by Lafosca. An international win.

Fansino 1

Fansino is an application for iOS and Android that gives artists the ability to monitor who is listening to their music in real time and chat with them. This way they can grow their fan base and become superstars.

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