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In November 2013, FXStreet came to us. They had developed a web app to see if users would be interested in a mobile app for their service. The response they had was appalling, no doubt the market was there for a mobile app. So we start working on it:

FXStreet 1

Only 6 weeks later, FXStreet had their brand new native apps on both the App Store and Google Play. The release almost doubled the previous webapp users in the first six months and multiplied by 4 the time users spent interacting with the app. Happy developers.


FXStreet 2 




Agile methodologies allowed us to work very close to the client and with a clear roadmap towards the first version. After that release, we continued working and improving the app meeting every Monday, reviewing what’s been done and planning work for next sprint.  We’re now in the middle of a bigger redesign, looking at all metrics and trying to improve how people use the app. 


Anyway, here we have some interesting metrics after the launch of the first version of the native app. Here’s what happened to monthly active users after launching the native app:



Time spent inside the app also improved. Here’s the difference between time spent on web mobile app and the native one:



Download FXStreet App for iOS or App for Android.


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