We love eating, an EU Commission Project


It was still winter when we first received Stacy’s call, from PAU Education. They were working on a new project for the European Comission to teach kids how to eat healthy, and they wanted to create a game to achieve it. We thought “F*** Yeah! That’s how you do it!”, but we told them “It is a very good idea, would love working on it with you”. That’s how we started developing this Unity game.



We set up brainstorming sessions on the briefing we were given, so we could create a game that engaged kids to play while teaching them healthy habits. Three months and a couple of redesigns later, the game was finished and ready to be uploaded.

Screenshot 4

Kids have been enjoying the game so far, selecting over 16.000 healthy products and beating gaming industry standards for session length engagement: 6,8 minutes versus 7,2. Who would have said that Kéfir would be the preferred dairy for kids, huh?


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